Open-Source Persian Text-to Speech AI

A groundbreaking initiative led by the SAIL LAB, University of New Haven

Persian, a language that is often overlooked in the tech world, is speaking up.Through the ZabanZad Project, we aim to establish the Persian language on equal footing with other languages in the digital communication landscape and uphold the cultural and linguistic diversity that is the heart of our global community.

Call to Action to Support

Creating high-quality text-to-speech datasets is fundamental to the development of reliable speech synthesis models, and it's a resource-intensive task.

Vision and Cultural Significance

ZabanZad aims to enable the seamless creation of speech-enabled applications for Persian speakers, including smart assistants (like Alexa and Siri), educational tools, language training platforms, and AI-enabled elderly care, among the plethora of smart technologies that are currently inaccessible to the Persian-speaking community.

Your support is crucial in:
* Recruiting professional voice actors.
* Developing recording software.
* Ensuring quality through post-processing.
* Fine-tuning speech models.


The estimated total budget for this comprehensive project is $104,000. This amount will cover the tasks required to bring this initiative to life. With your donation, you're not just supporting a project; you're championing a cause dedicated to technological inclusivity and linguistic diversity in AI, especially for a low-resourced language like Persian.

About the Team

Vahid Behzadan is an Assistant Professor of Data Science at the Electrical, Computer Engineering & Computer Science Department at the University of New Haven. As the founder and director of the Secure and Assured Intelligent Learning (SAIL) research group, he is working on cutting edge text-to-speech research for the Persian language.Bahareh Arghavani Nobar, a Data Science graduate, also holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. With a background in supply chain management, she advanced to the role of Supply Chain Supervisor at British American Tobacco in Iran and is currently a research assistant at the SAIL LAB, specializing in NLP and AI for healthcare.Iran Davar Ardalan is Senior Advisor to Zabanzad, leveraging her extensive expertise in journalism and technology. She has played significant roles at National Geographic, NPR News, and the White House Presidential Innovation Fellowship. At IVOW AI and currently at TulipAI, Ardalan is recognized for her innovative work in Cultural AI-driven content. Her achievements have gained international attention including a feature in The New York Times.

Why ZabanZad?

"Zaban" (زبان) in Persian signifies "language" or "tongue." On the flip side, "Zaad" (زاد) embodies "birth," often used to denote origin or lineage. An instance being "Irani-zaad" - synonymous with "Iranian by birth" or "born of Iran.""Zabanzad" captures the essence, signifying being "born of language". This name, adorned in shades of purple and gold, bridges the illustrious history of Persian culture with the gleaming promise of a tech-forward future.


Iran Davar Ardalan
Samira Ardalan
Aman Ardalan
Amir Ardalan
Bahareh Arghavani Nobar
Vahid Behzadan
Ramin Bagheri
Mahboob Bolandi
Nadereh Chamlou
Isabella Delbakhsh
Mandy Delbakhsh
Paris Golab
Reza Moradinezhad
Saied G
Tina Soleimanifar
Yahya Tabesh
Fereydoun Taslimi

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